Wildvine (voiced by Jim Ward) is the 12th Alien to appear on the show. Wildvine is a Florauna (a combination of flora and fauna) from the planet Flors Verdance (a combination of flora and verdens, Latin for green). They are plant-based aliens with five vine-like legs, four-fingered claws, and venus flytrap-shaped flaps covering their heads. Wildvine first appears in the episode "Camp Fear" as an accidental transformation.


As a Florauna, Wildvine can grow any part of its body at will, allowing it to stretch its limbs to great extent and even allowing it to grow thorns. Being plant-based, Wildvine has the ability to merge with earth plants. When it does this its skin takes on the color of the plant. This is shown in "The Visitor" and "Secret of the Omnitrix" when a group of Floraunas attacked Ben, Gwen, Tetrax, and Myaxx.

It can also dig with relative ease and spread its tendrils underground to attack. Wildvine also has regrowable seeds on its back which can be used as various types of explosives, both lethal and non-lethal. The flaps on its head are also sufficiently strong to trap and hold a single person within.

Wildvine can grow small black seed-pods from its back which can be released from Wildvine's skin and be used as smoke bombs. Also has ability to stretch parts of his body.

WildVine can shoot AcidBreath from his mouth as a liquid.


Flors Verdance is a planet that is covered with lush forests.