Wildmutt is a Vulpimancer from Vulpin.


Wildmutt is able to run, jump and climb objects at high speed, and is fairly strong. Wildmutt also has several flat quills on its back that help it to sense and can also be fired at enemies, although these have been unused in the series so far. Wildmutt's senses of smell and hearing is heightened due to it relying on these senses for a long time rather than sight. It can also sense things near it by detecting heat.


Wildmutt cannot see as it has no eyes. Also when Ben has a cold he loses other forms of senses in place of vision at total.

Because Wildmutt has enhanced senses, loud noises or powerful odors can hurt him.

Wildmutt also has issues communicating because this particular form cannot talk except by growls, grunts, and roars. This is a problem when the situation would prove to be better resolved through negotiation.


The planet Vulpin (a play on the word 'vulpine', which means 'fox') is a pitch black planet on the edge of the galaxy, which is used as an intergalactic dumping ground by other planets. The ecosystem of Vulpin is poisoned beyond repair, and the Vulpimancers are one of few species that can live on the planet. Due to the planet being pitch black, vulpimancers have slowly lost eyes due to them not being used for a long time. They have been mutated due to the effects of the pollution. These mutations involve heightened hearing and other developed senses.

Among each Vulpimancer, the only noticeable common feature is their general body shape, which appears to be a cross between a lion, a wolf and a gorilla, but they vary in body sizes. Vulpimancers have evolved without eyes, instead using smell and hearing in vision's place, which are aided by three V-shaped gills on both sides of their head. Ben's point of view while a Wildmutt is depicted as being similar to a thermograph sensor, since it detects its surrounding with heat.

Ultimate AlienEdit

Wildmutt returns in Ultimate Alien. Nothing much is different except the band on his shoulder is gone and the Ultimatrix is on his chest.