Vulpimancers are large, furry, canine Aliens.

History Edit

Most Vulpimancers in the Universe originated from the planet wasteland called Vulpix. Vulpix being a galactic dumping ground, Vulpimancers were the only living beings able to survive there.

Over the years, Vulpimancers became more hostile and unfriendly. They even began to cannibalize each other, as there was nothing to eat but the garbage left on Vulpix from other planets. Most adapted to their surroundings gradually, losing their two eyes as a result of not needing them, using only their "noses" on both sides of their furry heads to sense living organisms. The Vulpimancers grew into animalistic beasts, now incabable of speech.

Abilities and Traits Edit

Vulpimancers have two long, curving teeth unable to position themselves in a Vulpimancer's mouth due to their large size. Between and around those teeth are two rows of serrated teeth. Vulpimancers come in colours of both orange, grey and the most common shade of their fur, purple. Vulpimancers are covered in fur, excluding the purple-coloured ones, who are scaly rather than furry. Vulpimancers develop stripes along their body as they near their thirty years of age.

They are incredibly animalistic and rely on three slits on each side of their heads to sense living organisms, using heat and smell to detect things.

Tools Edit

Vulpimancers wield claws and sharp fangs.

Known Vulpimancers Edit

Tigermutt - A futuristic version of Wildmutt.

Wildmutt - A large, orange Vulpimancer used by Ben Tennyson.

A horde of purple, scaly Vulpimancers.

Three huge, grey-coloured Vulpimancers who attacked Ben, Gwen and Max Tennyson.

Wildpup a Four year old wild mutt

Trivia Edit