==&nbsp Appearance== His appearance is now more robotic than his previous form. But now he has blue metallic skin, has 15 blue, removable speaker-like components attached to his body, an overall rounded design, and with longer arms and legs. There is also no sign of his power control pack, and a cassette-like tape is on Ultimate Echo Echo's back. His voice is now more robotic-sounding, similar to a speaker. His mouth doesn't move when he speaks. Ultimate Echo Echo is also taller; about Ben's height, and has no feet; just legs.


Like Echo Echo, Ultimate Echo Echo controls the power of sound. However, he cannot duplicate himself. He has evolved to expend much less energy by sending out the floating amplifiers at his joints to project sonic blasts which at full force can shatter steel and it can be used as a boomerang. Ultimate Echo Echo also has the ability to fly by projecting sound waves around himself, and can even fly fast enough to create a sonic boom.