Swampfire is a Methanosian from Methanos (referring to methane). Methanos is described as a swamp planet that has an atmosphere that is toxic to most life forms. Methanos also has large underground deposits of methane gas that sometimes escape and create geysers of flame that to jumps up to twenty feet into the air.


Swampfire is a Plant-Like alien with a Flame-Patterned head. He is described as a living swamp or plant. Swampfire is shown to be taller than most humans and is probably shown to be 7 feet tall. When a limb is removed, it can be reattached. When lasers are fired, it can regenerate. He can even regenerate his head should it be punched right through (As in War of the Worlds).   He is a mixture Wildvine and Heatblast. Like Heatblast,Swampfire is the first ailens transform into on the new series.


  • He possesses the power to shoot fire from his palms, has superhuman strength, controls plant life through a type of gas, healing and vast regenerative powers to the point of invulnerability
  • His fire is created by igniting methane naturally produced within his body, which results in him having a bad smell
  • His regenerative ability also allows him to tunnel underground in vine form, grow his feet to root into the ground, heal his limbs, passing through prison bars, and healing other creatures
  • He can throw seeds that grow into big plants
  • He once heals Reinrassic III (a Highbreed) by attaching Reinrassic's III hands when it was bitten off which cured the genetic damage and ailments caused by inbreeding
  • The fire blasts, semi-invulnerability and regenerating ability have replaced Benmummy, Wildvine and Heatblast, making Swampfire Ben's new main alien for his flexibility
  • Once, he was completely frozen from a DNAliens freeze weapon and he can thaw himself out within seconds


In the episode "Good Copy Bad Copy" Albedo as Big Chill froze him and Swampfire could barely move, if Swampfire gets shot with ice that means he can be frozen like a statue. He will remain frozen when he is in a constant freezing condition

Ben 10: Ultimate Alien Edit

Swampfire appears in Ben 10 Ultimate Alien and is 1 out of 6 Aliens with an Ultimate form