Ripjaw image

Ripjaws is a Piscciss Volann from the planet Piscciss. He appears in UA only his eyes are green, he is more muscular, he has eyebrows, and the Ultimatrix is on his chest.


Ripjaws appears to be part eel, part angler fish, part alligator, and part shark. He is able to breathe underwater, and is usually the best alien for to use in defeating water-based villains. Ripjaws can swim at high speeds with amazing agility, and can also withstand amazing pressure. His luminescent angler allows him to see in dark areas.

Ripjaws uses his claw-tipped fins and razor-sharp teeth to attack enemies with strength superior to a person. Similar to a snake's eating habits, Ripjaws can unhinge his lower jaw to swallow large objects in a single bite. He can transform his legs into a tail when he's underwater, by bringing both of his legs underneath the black dress-like thing coming down.He has three sets of gills,one on his neck,then one on his throat,and finally one on the skin over the ribs. Ripjaws version of a 10 year old has a whitish blueish skin,as a teen he has a slight yellow on the skin.But as an adult he has a light blue skin, and much longer fins.In the episode of Ben 10 Secret of the Omitrix, in the part where Ben, Gwen,and Tetrax are in the prison planet there is a part where a Piscciss Volanns yells that Ben has the Omitrix.And the Piscciss Volanns was an adult, with blue skin and large dark green fins.The adult Piscciss Volanns had a suit that allowed him to breath in water,but the suit was only covering his gills.The planet where Ripjaws hails from is Piscciss the planet Piscciss has little known information. The only thing we know is that there is a species called Piscciss Premann in the planet Piscciss. There is not that much information about a Piscciss Premann.


Ripjaws's greatest weakness is his inability to stay out of water from too long, requiring water to keep him from dehydrating. As a result, Ben often takes action by claiming nearbye water sources (e.g. hosepipes). Ripjaws has a pair of webbed feet inside his tail, which can temporarily keep him above land. Due to the extremely specific conditions used to maintain Ripjaws, he has become one of the series's lesser-used aliens, being completely absent in the third season.