Episode 10 of Ben 10. This is the first apperance of the villan Hex


Ben defeats a magician named Hex as he attempts to steal a spellbook. During the fight Ben retrieves one of Hex's five magical Charms of Bezel and gives it to Gwen. The charm gives Gwen the power of probability manipulation. Using a Mardi Gras costume, Gwen becomes a new superheroine named "Lucky Girl," stealing the spotlight from Ben. Unfortunately, Hex wants his charm back. He takes the spellbook and lures Gwen into a trap. He is able to take back his charm and begins an incantation to suck the entire city of New Orleans into a vortex. Fortunately, Gwen catches him off guard and takes back the Charms of Bezel, smashing them so that they may not be used again. Fourarms restrains Hex until he is arrested.


  • Ben
  • Gwen/Luckygirl
  • Max
  • Hex
  • People
  • Living stone gargoyles
  • XLR8
  • Wildmutt
  • Fourarms


Ben: I'm the real hero here!


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