Kevin 11,000
Kevin 11,000 thousand escaped from the nullvoid after he instructed his son to find a way to set him free from the prison and when that time had come when his son sneaked into the Tennysons facility and opened the Nullvoid. had For several years in the future Kevin Levin was trapped within the Nullvoid, It's unknown as to it is uncertain why he went rogue,possibly an arguement with Ben Tennyson or a failed relationship with Gwen Tennyson that lead him back to his old ways.

Several years before his imprisonment Kevin had a son named Devlin it is unsure if his mother is Gwen .Devlin inherited his fathers powers and was able to transform into his 1st mutation freely.

Kevin who absorbed all the powers of the aliens imprisoned there, went all out on Ben and nearly defeated him but was distracted when his son told him to stop hurting them when he decided to do more harm to them but who was then hit by his father. Devlin then decided to go against his father. Together with the help of Ben, Kenny and Devlin they were able to send Kevin back into the Null-void.

Though, this isn't Kevin's real future. It was later stated in the Pop-up edition as an alternative future had he stayed in his old ways.