This is the Fifth Ben 10 episode. It is the first apperence of the reccuring character Tetrax and villan Sixsix


Still in recovery, Vilgax hires three alien bounty hunters to retrieve the Omnitrix: a robotic crustacean named Kraab, an assassin named Sixsix, and a mysterious gunman named Tetrax. The trio encounters Ben playing around with the watch and force him to flee. However, when Ben attempts to fight Tetrax, who had separated from the group, Tetrax criticizes him for his lack of a strategy in combat. Proving himself to be on the good side, Tetrax aids Ben in warding off Kraab and Sixsix. Realizing that Ben took his words to heart, Tetrax decides to leave the Omnitrix with the child and awards him with a hoverboard.


  • Ben
  • Gwen
  • Max
  • Tetrax
  • Sixsix
  • Kraab


  • Diamondhead
  • Ghostfreak
  • Diamondhead (Second time)
  • Grey Matter


Kraab:[about the omnitrix] Give it to me!
Ghostfreak:NO!...One second.[Turns to Gwen] What's he talking about?
Gwen:Hello! Why else would some Alien freak track you down? He wants the Watch!
Ghostfreak:No need to get snotty about it miss know-it-all!


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