Heatblast is from an alien race called Pyronites that originating from the star-planet Pyros. As a master of the manipulation of extreme fire and heat, he can project thermal energy in the form of blasts of fire from his hands and mouth and create fireballs he can throw or roll. He can also absorb both flames and heat, meaning he can put out a fire just as quickly as he can start one. Unfortunately, like any other living fire, he can be put out when an excessive amount of water is used.

Future Alien Description Edit

Future Heatblast is basically the same, except for he now has two holes in his shoulder, which spew flames and has more lines. He is also very muscular now.

Teenage Alien Description Edit

Teenage Heatblast is basically the same,except his rocks on his body are darker and he has green eyes.

Advantages & AbilitiesEdit

  • Heatblast can project fire from his hands, eyes, and mouth
  • He can rocket himself through the air by blasting flame from his feet, and do the same when he lands.
  • He has the ability to create fire, but also stop one.
  • He can ride on a column of flame, much like a surfboard in the air.
  • He can create smokescreen in front of his opponent to make a quick escape.
  • He can also travel short distances in a vortex of fire.
  • Solid magma body – Enhanced endurance
  • Increased Strength.