Upgrade 2

Upgrade, a Galvanic Mechomorph

A Galvanic Mecomorph is self replicating nanotechnology which bonded to the minerlas in the ground which created life on the moon Galvan B which orbits Galvan Prime where Galvan's Grey Matter had introduced nanotech. These aliens are capable of reshaping their body at will i.e melt, they can also merge with any technology enhancing it beyond its original design hence the name Upgrade, also in alien force Ship has been shown the abilty to transform into anything they have previously merged with which Julie has been observing and Kevin notes it is handy as it mimics a spaceship although Gwen doesnt see the use.

Known Galvanic MechomorphsEdit


When a device is possessed by a Mechomorph, it takes on the appearance of the species' skin, a black body with green markings, resembling a computer motherboard.

Galvanic Mechomorphs can shoot an incredibly powerful green laser from their central eye produced by biochemical processes inside their bodies. They can also merge with technology, upgrading it to super-advanced nanotechnology, as well as creating a symbiote (being portrayed similiar to that of a dog). This symbiote appears to have the same merging ability as its host, and is able to memorize any technology it has fused with and to turn into an exact replica of it at will (save for the motherboard design). From this, it can be concluded a full-size Mechomorph has the same abilities, though neither Upgrade nor Blorp have been shown to do so. Similarily, the one symbiote seen on the show has not been shown to have any sort of offense other than turning into a weapon. Additionally, Ship's eye did not glow whenever it talked (only one word-"ship"). Ironically, Blorp has stated that once produced, a symbiote cannot reunite with its host.