Grey Matter, a Galvan

Galvans are aliens from the planet Galvan Prime


  • The Galvans are a small frog like bipedal creatures.
  • Large squarish green eyes.
  • Sharp teeth and grey skin.


  • They are a very intellectual been creators of many of the great technology around the universe such as the Omnitrix and the Null void.


Being small sized the Galvans do not match physically with most species. Instead, they use their high intelligence to outsmart their opponent.

Notable GalvansEdit

  • A Galvan named Azmuth made the Omnitrix.
  • A Galvan named Albedo, who was Azmuth's former assistant, also made an Omnitrix, although Azmuth told him there could not be two Omnitrixes. After Albedo created his Omnitrix, his form was damaged and became a human.
    • Azmuth called Albedo's "A cheap copy".
    • it is rumored that azmuth may die in one episode

Azmuth,creator of the Omnitrix, is a galvan


  • The primitive Galvans used to worship technology gods, such as the one that Azmuth's Bio suit is based on.
  • Since the eyes of the Galvans are so big, there is very little space in their head for a brain (less than an inch or so), which is ironic. As Brainstorm, Ben actually referenced this with a "hand" gesture in an argument with Azmuth.