Eye Guy

Eye Guy (voiced by Dee Bradley Baker)  was introduced in the first alternate opening of Ben 10: Secret of the Omnitrix, replacing Heatblast during the fight with Doctor Animo. How Eye Guy was obtained is never addressed. But what he is and were he's from has now been discovered, Eye Guy is a Opticoid from the planet Sightra.

Eye Guy's upper-body is covered in eyes, hence the name, though he ironically has no eyes on his head, which consists of a mouth and a very large pair of batlike ears. From these eyes, Eye Guy can fire numerous energy beams. The eyes can be merged to create different effects, such as three on his shoulder which can form a freezing beam. By merging every eye into the large eye in his chest, he can fire his strongest energy blast. He can also scale walls. His only appearance in the TV series itself was in "Ben 10 vs. the Negative 10", where Ben was attempting to prevent the Negative 10 from stealing the Sub-Energy. His game debut was in's  Omnitrix Unleased game.