Big Chill and Highbreed

Big Chill is a Necrofriggian ("Necro", meaning death, and "frigid", meaning very cold) from the Planet Kylmyys (the Finnish word for coldness). A moth-like alien, Big Chill's wings and antennae can fold up into a cloak of sorts, giving it the appearance of a phantom. It can become intangible and invisible, fly, has superhuman strength, and can breath ice. It can also freeze the objects it phases through at its discretion. Big Chill is easily capable of withstanding extreme heat, at one point drinking molten metal directly from a massive smelting cauldron. It first appears in "Kevin's Big Score" to chase down Kevin after he stole the Rustbucket. In the episode "Save the Last Dance", it is revealed that Big Chill's species asexually reproduces, laying eggs once every 80 years. They build a nest out of digested metal, from which their offspring hatch. The newborn baby Necrofriggians live in space, feeding on solar plasma. When Ben goes through this reproductive cycle, Big Chill takes over his personality, causing Ben to unwillingly transform into Big Chill to carry out this task.

Based on Edit

Seems Big Chill is a fusion of:

1-Stinkfly (both are winged flying insect-like lifeforms)

2-Ghostfreak (intangibility ability and levitation with no wings)

3-Arcticguana (freezing ability)

4-XLR8 (mask is somwhat alike Bigchills face)


  • Certain chemical sprays can disrupt intangibility and invisibility
  • Sonar devices can cause him to be seen when invisible
  • Big Chill will need to catch his breath if he breathes ice for too long
  • Compared to other Necrofriggians, Big Chill is physically weak(but still as strong as an average Necrofriggian)
  • Has problems phasing through energies such as electricity
  • Large amounts of methane disrupts Big Chill's memory.