Benwolf is the 13th alien to appear on the show. Benwolf is a Loboan from the moon Luna Lobo. He first appeared in the episode "Benwolf", when Max goes to see an old friend who lives in New Mexico.

In the episode a Loboan attacks, and after some continued fight Ben's Omnitrix is scratched (with no damage on it) by the wild Loboan. Because this is the first time that an alien DNA is added through contact, the transformation is gradual instead of instantaneous. After a while Ben becomes Benwolf. Benwolf is very muscular, tall, has dog-like back legs, stands on his back legs, and has a face and muzzle that looks like a Mexican wolf's face and muzzle. It also has many animal-like tendencies. Benwolf reappears in Ben 10: Evolutions when he faught Driscoll. There are few slightly changes about his body like his eyes are now green instead of violet and can grow quills on his back.


Benwolf has enhanced strength, speed and agility; supposably being able to lift approximately 500 lbs and run over 70 mph. In addition to Benwolf's formidable claws, fangs, and muscles, he can emit a ultrasonic howl if the parts of his quadra-hinged muzzle is opened and a shout is let out. He can also do a jump attack by using his claws to slash the air.


Even being stronger than Human, its strength is still less than those of Fourarms. It can also be affected by many other normal attacks. Ultraviolet light may blind him. Benwolf is colorblind so it is hard for Ben to distinguish anything but black and white, it is only an issue when trying to figure out what is around him when looking straight on. Benwolf finds it hard to resist animal like tendencies, such as hunting rabbits.


Luna Lobo is the moon to Anur Transyl, Benvicktor's home planet.