Plot and Air DatesEdit

Ben Ten Ancient History revolves around Benjamin Kirby Tennyson's adventures through college. Ben goes to Yale with Gwen and they continuously fight off aliens. On the First episode, Ben meets with his proffesor, who turns out to be a plumber. He recently discovered the Ancient Omnitrix, an old omnitrix watch created by the Galvan's ancestors. An old group of outcast plumbers have been following the proffesor to get the watch for a week, and they will stop at nothing to get the new watch.

A kid pitched the idea for the show on Cartoon Network's website. It has gained praise of many Cartoon Network editors and is still being queued. It will feature a sci-fi National Treasure type of adventure. Let's hope it comes to our screens soon!


Episode GuideEdit

Season 1

  • History Lesson Part 1
  • History Lesson Part 2
  • Bad Luck
  • You Can't Always get What you Want
  • Destruction of Fury
  • Day of the Dino
  • Mana Mania
  • Ultra Ten
  • The First Key
  • Light Headed Feeling
  • Delete Him Part 1
  • Delete Him Part 2

Season 2

  • Sumo Slammer Spike
  • Elements of Shaa'
  • Pyramids of Giza
  • Ancient Music
  • Deaf Dog
  • Megabyte
  • The Second Key
  • Dyed out Color
  • Faded Glory
  • The Hated Hero of All Heroes
  • The Third Key and Fourth
  • More Keys Part 1
  • More Keys Part 2

Season 3

  • Vilgax ressurection
  • Vilgax Takes the Keys
  • Are you Afraid of Ghost Freaks?
  • Glamour with Glowball
  • Aggegor's Revenge
  • Bombs Away
  • Omintrix Upgraded
  • All Ten keys together
  • The Super Laser
  • Exile
  • Return to Bellwood
  • Save the World
  • The Final Battle (One Hour Special)