Baz-El, In Don't Fear The Repo

Homeworld: Galvan B,
Species: Galvanic Mechomorph
Abilities: Galvanic mechamorph's can  strech their limbs about 20 to 40 feet depending on it's age. Its internal nanotechnology allows primary ability to merge with and 'possess' any technology within reach by spreading over it like liquid, enhancing it far beyond its original design

Baz-l is a Galvanic Mechomorph, like Upgrade, who appears in the episode "Pier Pressure" in Ben 10: Alien Force Season 1.

Baz-l is a Galvanic Mechamorph pilot who crashed at the beginning of the episode "Pier Pressure". He had spawned a symbiote named Ship to find someone to help him. Ship managed to follow a signal from the Omnitrix, and tried to get Ben's attention. He wreched the pier and kidnapped Julie and was followed by Ben as Jetray. Ship then reveals that Blorp was trapped in his ship via forcefield while his ship was in self-destruct mode. He was saved by Ben as Humongousaur, revealed Ship's reason for kidnapping Julie and bringing her to him. He wanted help from Ben because he thought he was a Plumber. As he left, he let Ship stay with Ben and Julie.

His appearance, along with other Mechamorphs in Alien Force is different from the original series: his underbelly is green with black circuit lines and the green lines are slightly rearranged pattern-wise.